We steward decision makers through each stage of the real estate planning, design and development process, from conception to execution.

DEFINE  ⚫︎ ⚪︎ ⚪︎ ⚪︎

Key decisions are made at the inception of any real estate lifecycle. WOWA WEST is there at the outset to advise clients on how to define a business strategy that meets all their real estate needs with the following services:

  • Evaluation of overall real estate portfolio

  • Establishment of strategic plan and client brief

  • Engagement with stakeholders

  • Setting of sustainability goals

  • Integration of technology innovation and smart city initiatives

  • Analysis of financial feasibility


DESIGN  ⚫︎ ⚫︎ ⚪︎ ⚪︎

Architectural excellence does more than achieve aesthetic beauty; it maximizes utility, gains public buy-in, and ensures the longevity of real estate performance. We guide and represent clients through the following architectural design stages:

  • Selection of project and management teams

  • Creation of master plan

  • Articulation of urban design

  • Design of buildings and workplaces

  • Engineering of infrastructure and building systems


DEVELOP  ⚫︎ ⚫︎ ⚫︎ ⚪︎

Having an early and evolving understanding of the public approval process, facilitates streamlined real estate development. WOWA WEST aligns client and public stakeholder interests through:

  • Acquisition of land use entitlements

  • Approval of development plans

  • Incorporation of urban planning policies

  • Outreach to community

  • Communication with government stakeholders


DELIVER  ⚫︎ ⚫︎ ⚫︎ ⚫︎

The elements for the successful delivery of every building project must be in place well before groundbreaking. We keep clients ahead of the construction curve with:

  • Evaluation of the delivery approach

  • Management of budget and schedule

  • Negotiation of contracts

  • Integration of facility management requirements

  • Oversight of program management

From the outset, Wolfgang Wagener and his team at WOWA WEST, were critical for the articulation of the development narrative, the creation of an innovative master plan, outreach to the community, and the achievement of architectural excellence for The Hills at Vallco.
— Reed Moulds, Managing Director, Sand Hill Property Company


The increasing complexity of the real estate planning, design, and development process has created a parallel need for independent client advocacy.  If you’re embarking on a large or complex project, a Client Adviser will provide much needed independent advice and guidance throughout, working integrally with members of your project team. In seeking to provide our clients with the most advanced and comprehensive support across all stages of the real estate life cycle, WOWA WEST sought out the best resources available.

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) established the RIBA Client Adviser accreditation program in 2005 in recognition of this need. As one of the most reputable international professional governing bodies, RIBA is at the forefront of formalizing this emerging field as an accredited professional practice, providing clients with a framework and resources for independent advice during the entire real estate lifecycle - with particular emphasis on providing strategic advice at the earliest stages to bring certainty and control to the whole enterprise, and safeguard your investment. Our founding principal, Wolfgang Wagener, has been a practicing member of the RIBA since 1996. His unique portfolio of over 25 years of international architectural experience has qualified him to successfully complete the rigorous RIBA Client Adviser accreditation process.  

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