Wolfgang Wagener’s detailed, clearly written, and exquisitely illustrated study of the work of the mid-twentieth-century architect Raphael Soriano is a paean to the vanished middle-class, egalitarian Los Angeles.
— The Atlantic. Benjamin Schwarz, Literary & National Editor

Innovation In Real Estate, Design, And Construction

Founding principal, Dr. Wolfgang Wagener, AIA, RIBA, has authored or contributed to the following featured publications:


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Connected Real Estate

Essays from innovators in real estate, design, and construction, co-edited by Wolfgang Wagener for Cisco. This book studies the impact of the integration of technological innovation on space, real estate, and the built environment through the varying perspectives of the real estate and construction industry's leading players from around the world. Read More →

Raphael Soriano

Wolfgang Wagener's "clearly written, and exquisitely illustrated study" provides a leading perspective on mid-twentieth century innovations in real estate, buildings, and cities of the West, illustrated by the work of architect Raphael Soriano as seen through the eyes of photographer Julius Shulman. Preview →

Future Office

This book examines the implications of digital transformation on contemporary urban design and identifies future office design iterations from an international perspective. Wolfgang Wagener contributed the chapter entitled "Connected Building", which addresses the integration of IT and building infrastructure, organizational change, and the value of sustainable design. Preview →

Berlinmodell Industriekultur

The 21st century workplace is experiencing a series of dramatic changes that are reshaping how companies are organized and where they locate. Due to the prescient leadership of the Mayor of Berlin two decades ago, sustainable design, technological innovation, and the achievement of architectural excellence, have been recognized as key drivers for economic development of cities. Wolfgang Wagener co-produced the initial program. Preview →

Metropolitan Region

The Middle Upper Rhine Region, with a population of more than one million people, is one of the most economically successful technology regions in Germany. The visionary regional plan by Bruno Schindler is situated where meadows meet freeways, and finds a balance between the city's baroque history and high tech present and the competing forces of centralized versus distributed urban growth. Wolfgang Wagener contributed to this masterplan. Preview →


89 ARCH+

Architecture and Urban Design in Europe in the second half of the 20th century has been inspired by the American way of life, which has been shaped by the rapid evolution of technology. Wolfgang Wagener co-edited this groundbreaking historic analysis by Bruno Schindler for ARCH+, the leading architectural magazine in Germany. Preview →

Smart Cities

Founding principal, Dr. Wolfgang Wagener, AIA, RIBA, has authored or contributed to the following featured white papers for Cisco's pioneering Connected Cities programs:

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Connecting Cities: Achieving Sustainability Through Innovation

Villa, Nicola; Wagener, Wolfgang. Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG). Read More →


Connected and Sustainable City Infrastructures

Wagener, Wolfgang. Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG). Read More →

NASA San Francisco

Urban EcoMap

Wagener, Wolfgang. Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG). Read More →


Connected Bus

Wagener, Wolfgang; Evans, Dave. Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG). Read More →

SPUR/SOM SF Model.jpeg

Sustainable Urban Development

Langhoff, Stephanie; Martin, Gary; Barone, Larry; Wagener, Wolfgang. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Read More →


Green Connected Workplace

Wagener, Wolfgang; Gore, Rich. Cisco Systems. Read More →


The Transformational Power of the Network in Real Estate

Wagener, Wolfgang. Cisco Systems. Read More →

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