Potsdamer Platz

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It was not long before the new architecture and vitality triggered by the vibrant mixed use development gave the Potsdamer Platz a new energy, reconnecting areas of the city long separated by the Berlin wall.
— Edzard Reuter, CEO Daimler-Benz

A prime asset at the geographical center of Berlin, Potsdamer Platz sits among Berlin's historic, creative, and government districts and attracts more than 100,000 visitors per day. It was transformed by Daimler-Benz and Sony in the 1990s from a dormant wasteland located in the newly reunified capital of Germany, into a vibrant mixed use master plan based on the ideas embodied in a historic European City, which places human activity at the heart of urban development. Wide walkways, covered with arcades throughout all buildings, create activated streets, while thoughtfully integrated landscape and water features humanize the streetscape. In 2011, Potsdamer Platz was one of the first city-scale developments to receive the German Sustainable Building Council Award. Two decades later, Potsdamer Platz it continues to perform as one of the most ecologically forward end-to-end design, construction, and operations programs in the world.



Berlin, Germany




Renzo Piano Building Workshop/Christoph Kohlbecker, Richard Rogers Partnership, Arato Isozaki, Rafael Moneo, Hans Kollhoff, Ulrike Lauber & Wolfram Woehr

Atelier Dreiseitl, Landscape Architects


Strategic Plan, Programming, Master Plan, Mixed Use, Civic + Cultural, Hotel, Office, Residential, Retail


6M SF Gross Floor Area


Gold Certificate of the German Sustainable Building Council


2011 DGNB Certificate for Sustainable City Quarters

2006 ULI Award of Excellence

2002 AIA National Honor Award

2000 RIBA Award for Buildings in Europe


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Time-lapse video from the roof terrace of the Atrium Tower at the southern end of Potsdamer Platz, July 2014.