Vancouver, Canada

Smart Community

Client: IBI Group

Role: Digital transformation and innovation adviser



While technology companies have been exploring potential synergies between real estate and technology for the past two decades, the real estate and construction industry has been slow to adopt these innovations. This is about to change. From 2013 to 2018, investors poured $18 billion into real estate and construction technology, compared with $9 billion over the previous five years. Design firm IBI Group is at the forefront of incorporating advanced technology into real estate assets to provide differentiated user experiences, streamline facility management, and ensure resilient financial returns.


IBI Group developed a Smart Community Roadmap with adaptable features. Its first application is an 8-million-square-foot mixed-use development in the heart of Silicon Valley. Equipping real estate developments with Internet of Things (IoT) technologies improves brand, personalization, amenities, and operational efficiencies and attracts the employees, residents, and customers who work, live, and play here at the epicenter of technology innovation. The smart elements include public infrastructure connectivity, a data network used by both IoT and building control devices, sensors to create distributed intelligence, cloud computing solutions, and digital services.


WOWA WEST affiliated with IBI Group, and advised on the intersection of design, development, and technology to future-proof a $4 billion real estate investment in Silicon Valley. We provided the business case for the real estate developer and defined a digital strategy that requires a solid foundational infrastructure, openness, and modularity. The digital foundation of the real estate development is a flexible framework that is open to adopting future technologies, whatever they may be. The intention is to deploy modular solutions and a digital architecture that features open protocols/APIs, open licencing, open procurement, and open serviceability.