Cupertino, California

North Tantau Campus

Client: Apple

Role: Architect in responsible control with Foster + Partners

Define, Design, Develop, Deliver


The North Tantau Campus was designated as phase 2 of Apple Park. Because of Apple’s rapid growth, the design and construction of the office and research facilities were moved forward and started while the Main Building was still under construction. These additional buildings, accommodating up to 2,200 employees and comprising approximately 600,000 square feet, supported with around 1,500 parking spaces, house office and research and development functions that need to be located adjacent to the Main Building. The first buildings were occupied before Apple Park opened.


The master planning, design, development, and delivery by Foster + Partners adopted the principles of the Main Building of Apple Park to market-driven office and research and development facilities while still achieving the benefits of sustainable, state-of-the-art buildings, connected with the natural California landscape. An integrated design and construction approach facilitated rapid delivery, high construction quality, and architectural excellence. The results are outstanding facilities that promote shared creativity and collaboration for Apple employees, and will spur the invention of the next generations of Apple products.


Like Apple Park, North Tantau Campus demonstrates Apple’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. Net-zero-energy buildings, a climate-responsive design, a multimodal transportation plan, net-zero increase of greenhouse gas emissions, and compact land use reduce the development’s environmental impact, improving the local air, water, light, and microclimate. Daylight, views, and natural ventilation link indoor spaces with outdoor surroundings inspired by California’s natural landscape. The North Tantau Campus is a model for the 21st-century workplace—a fantastic place to work, to create, to collaborate, and to shape future technology.