We shape future-oriented real estate for organizations and communities.

Today's real estate and development markets face increasing complexity and economic risk. In response, WOWA WEST, founded and led by Wolfgang Wagener, provides strategy, planning, design, and development navigation and oversight for your real estate organization.

We steward decision makers through each stage of the real estate life cycle.

WOWA WEST provides independent advice and effective representation, placing clients in control of the entire real estate management and development process. We maximize the value of your assets by providing the strategic direction needed to achieve user satisfaction, economic viability, environmental sustainability, digital transformation, and architectural excellence.

We engage on many scales, from strategic initiatives to high-profile developments.

WOWA WEST is a multidisciplinary architecture, innovation, and real estate leadership team of local and international partners across North America and Europe. We draw from our global practice and portfolio to cultivate and facilitate world-class best practices for your enterprise.

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