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Nobody would consider building a manufacturing facility that they intended to use just one-third of the time. And yet that’s what we routinely do with work space. We realized that assigning resources based on utilization would significantly reduce Cisco real estate costs.
— Mark Golan, Vice President, Cisco Workplace Resources

The 21st century corporate workplace is experiencing a series of dramatic changes that are reshaping how companies are organized, how they operate, how they attract and retain talent, and where they locate. There are numerous financial as well as key organizational and operational advantages to facilitating the evolution of the workplace.


Providing greater flexibility

Open space designs and free-seating environments allow organizations to more quickly adapt to changing business needs and priorities.


Increasing employee engagement

Leveraging technology creates a work environment where employees are more satisfied, committed, and engaged, which leads to increased productivity and quality as well as lower attrition.


Attracting and retaining top talent

Offering a modern, flexible work environment, providing innovative tools and implementing progressive business practices, will attract and retain the next generation of workers.


Creating a culture of innovation and collaboration

Creating open-floor designs breaks down organizational silos, while the use of communication tools that are able to bridge both physical and virtual workspaces, fosters greater collaboration.


Promoting environmental sustainability

Combining smart building technology while reducing space requirements will allow organizations to dramatically cut their overall energy consumption and carbon footprint.


Superior portfolio efficiency, utilization, and Distribution

New workplace analytics provide insights into how workspace and technology are being used, allowing companies to better optimize their workplace investment





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